How to set up a microphone in Windows XP

  1. Attach your microphone to the computer
  2. Open the Speech Control Panel. You can adjust the settings in the Sounds and Audio Devices Control Panel, but you will have no feedback whether the microphone works correctly or not.
  3. If your computer has the microphone configured correctly, you should see the green Level meter move, when you speak in the microphone in a clear voice.
  4. If the Level meter does not move, either the Audio Input is set incorrectly, or the microphone gain level is too low. If your microphone has a mute button, check that it is switched off.
  5. To adjust the Audio Input device, push the Audio Input... button and try to find the correct input. This could be rather unintuitive. You can also set the microphone volume here by pushing the Volume... button and adjusting the microphone slider, but you shouldn't need to.
  6. To adjust the gain level, push the Configure Microphone... button and follow instructions. This will only work if your Audio Input device is set correctly.

-- EeroVitie - 29 Sep 2006

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