Master's Programme in Speech, Language and Translation Technologies

These pages are for developing the present Kieli-, puhe- ja käännösteknologian maisteriohjelma (KPK) into a joint master's program between the University of Helsinki (HY) and the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). See for info (in Finnish) about the present KPK program.

Commitments of participating institutions

Participating institutions express their commitments in an agreement on cooperation. The agreements are: 1) an agreement between HY and TKK, 2) an agreement between the faculties within HY, and 3) an agreement between institutions or departments within HY. The language of the agreements is Finnish. In the agreements, the parties commit themselves to the following (draft, to be included in the agreements, non exhaustive):
  • offering a Master's Degree as follows: Master of Arts within HY and Master of Science (Technology) within TKK, majoring in MLT (commitment: university, faculty)
  • offering study rights and course participation as of the courses within the MLT Programme approved by the MLT advisory board for all MLT students without fees (commitment: all)
  • offering high quality special courses in their field (commitment: department/laboratory) as agreed in the agreement
  • offering planning of the the content of the Programme, the intake, evaluating the applicants, making decisions on proposal of the successful candidates (commitment: department/laboratory, Advisory Board)
  • offering equitable coordination (commitment: coordinating department)
  • offering tuition for the students (commitment: department/laboratory)
  • securing the education of the students after the agreement period (commitments:
  • offering courses in English (?) - kept in mind for future development as on option

Student admission, the student's status and related rights (OPM 11.5.2004)

Diploma Supplement
The study attainments should be clearly recorded in a diploma supplement (OPM 11.5.2004)

Curriculum Development Pages

HltCurriculumDevelopmentPage HltCoreContentPage HltDegreeRequirementPage

Curriculum KPK academic year 2007-2008

The extent of the programme (OPM 11.5.2004)
The extent of the MLT Programme is 120 credits. The main fields of study within the present programme KPK are:
Language technology
  • Finite State Parsing Methods, Grammar Engineering, Statistical Methods in LT
Speech technology
  • Speech Analysis, Speech Synthesis, Speech Corpora (?)
Translation technology
  • Multilingual Language Technology, Multilingual Corpora, Machine Translation

Other options that can be included in the studies are, e.g.:

  • BA-level courses in language technology (max 28 credits), Ontologies, Dialogue Modelling, Semantic Web

The awarding of the degree (OPM 11.5.2004)

Both universities HY and TKK award the degrees as part of their normal practices. The Degree of Master of Science (Technology) at TKK and the Degree of Master of Arts (HY) are awarded fully within the regulations of the university in question. There is a Diploma Supplement as an appendix to the degree certificate.


The financing of the programme (OPM 11.5.2004)

The Master's Programme does not require financing for the teaching costs as the parties offer the courses within the MLT as part of their curriculum.

The decision making (HY 25.9.2007 13 § / Liite)

The Advisory Board has the decision making powers as agreed between the Advisory Board and the departments/laboratiories within MLT. The Advisory Board plans the curriculum for the MLT, handles applications and makes proposals on these for the decision making bodies (department/laboratory, faculty/department). The decision making can be delegated from the decision making bodies to the Advisory Board if agreed upon in a written agreement.


Joint Degree
In this memorandum, the term joint degree refers to a joint programme, developed and organised by two or more HEIs, that leads to one or several degree certificates. (OPM 11.5.2004)

Department at TKK corresponds with faculty at HT, and laboratory at TKK corresponds with department at HY (up to Dec 31, 2007).


in force until July 31, 2011 (??) HY - TKK HY humanistinen tdk - käyttäytymistieteellinen tdk - matemaattis-luonnontieteellinen tdk HY yleisen kielitieteen laitos - puhetieteiden laitos - käännöstieteen laitos - tietojenkäsittelytieteen laitos

Meetings: Agendas, Memos

Agenda of the Discussion 11.2.2008 Memo of the Discussion 11.2.2008

Agenda of the Discussion 30.1.2008 Memo of the Discussion 30.1.2008

Agenda of the Discussion 21.1.2008 Memo of the Discussion 21.1.2008

Agenda of the Discussion 10.1.2008 Memo of the Discussion 10.1.2008

Agenda of the Discussion ConnectPro 17.12.2007 Memo of the Discussion ConnectPro 17.12.2007 - peruutettu

Agenda of the Discussion HY 3.12.2007 Memo of the Discussion HY 3.12.2007

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