HFST: Webpage Version Control

How to edit the HFST webpages at http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/kieliteknologia/tutkimus/hfst/:

  • Go to directory /web/ling/kieliteknologia/tutkimus/hfst/XML at ruuvi.it.helsinki.fi.
  • Check out the newest version and lock the file: co -l index.xhtml.
  • Open the file index.xhtml, edit and save it.
  • Run make && make install to get the file index.shtml.
  • If everything is ok, check in and unlock the file: ci -u index.xhtml.
  • Write comments, end with a period on a line by itself.

Old instructions:

  • Go to file /ling/web/ling/kieliteknologia/tutkimus/hfst/XML at ruuvi.it.helsinki.fi.
  • Open the file in emacs and check out (C-x v v).
  • Edit the buffer and save it.
  • Check out (C-x v v).
  • Execute make install in the same directory.


Hfst.sf.net is versioned at hfst.svn.sf.net/svnroot/trunk/hfst-web.

-- ErikAxelson - 2009-03-25

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