A tool for removing, adding and separating symbol tables.


hfst-symbols [ OPTIONS ] [ INPUT_FST_FILE ]


Parameters common for all commandline programs.

-h, --help Print help message
-V, --version Print version info
-v, --verbose Print verbosely while processing
-q, --quiet Do not print output
-s, --silent Alias of --quiet

Parameters common for all commandline programs taking one input stream and writing transducers or text as output.

-i, --input=FILENAME Read input from FILENAME
-o, --output=FILENAME Write output to FILENAME

Parameters specific for hfst-symbols

--write-input-symbols-to=FILE Write input symbol table to file FILE
--write-output-symbols-to=FILE Write output symbol table to file FILE
--write-input-symbols Write only input symbol table with the transducer
--write-output-symbols Write only output symbol table with the transducer
-e, --include-epsilon Include epsilon in the input and output symbol tables


This tool does nothing to its input transducer. It may be used to remove symbol table from a transducer, add one to a transducer or write one in a separate file.

The inputs

The input may either come from a file or STDIN (depending on, if the parameter input is used or not). In both cases the input consists of binary transducers.

The output

The output may either be written to a file or STDOUT (depending on, if the parameter output is used or not). In both cases the output consists of binary transducers written one after another.


Write a transducer and its symbol table to separate files.

cat transducer_and_symbol_table.hfst | hfst-symbols -D -W symbol_table -o transducer.hfst

Add a symbol table to a transducer.

cat transducer.hfst | hfst-symbols -R symbol_table -o transducer_and_symbol_table.hfst

Obtaining the program and installing

hfst-symbols is a part of HfstCommandLineTools.

-- ErikAxelson - 09 Jul 2008

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