The server

The HFST server is located in **. The IP address is **.

We offer no backup for users' files or other data. If you work on HFST code, commit your changes regularly to the SourceForge repository or keep your own copies.


If the server does not accept connections, log in locally to the computer and try the following:

(1) Run

ifconfig -a

to see if the IP address has changed due to changes in the department network.

(2) If this doesn't solve the problem, run

ps -ef | grep sshd

to see if sshd is running. You should see something like

UID    .....    CMD
root   ......   /usr/sbin/sshd -D

in the output. Another way to examine sshd is

sudo service ssh status

You can start sshd with:

sudo service ssh start

(3) To check if the machine listens to port 22:

sudo netstat -nlp | grep :22

You should see something like

tcp    ...... .... LISTEN  PROCESS_NUMBER|sshd

in the output. To see if the firewall allows connections to port 22:

sudo ufw status

If not, allow connections:

sudo ufw allow 22

(4) It is possible that ssh just needs to be restarted (or stopped and started again) e.g. due to electricity breaks:

sudo service ssh [restart|stop|start]

-- ErikAxelson - 2015-08-20

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