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HFST Publications

On the current GitHub repository, you can find more recent publications. It may also be possible to find the relevant publications in the TUHAT database of University of Helsinki under HFST


  1. Tommi A Pirinen, Sam Hardwick (to appear, 2012d) Effect of Language and Error Models on Efficiency of Finite-State Spell-Checking and Correction, in Finite-State Methods and/in Natural Language Processing FSMNLP 2012
  2. Krister Lindén, Miikka Silfverberg, Erik Axelson, Senka Drobac, Sam Hardwick, Tommi A Pirinen (to appear, 2012c) Using HFST for creating Computational Linguistic Applications in Computational Linguistics-Applications 2012
  3. Tommi A Pirinen, Francis M. Tyers (2012b) Compiling Apertium morphological dictionaries with HFST and using them in HFST applications in Proceedings of Workshops in Language Resources and Evaluation conference LREC 2012, in saltmil-aflat workshop on “language technology for normalisation of less-resourced languages&#8221
  4. Tommi A Pirinen, Miikka Silfverberg (2012a) Improving Finite-State Spell-Checker Suggestions with Part-of-Speech N-grams in Proceedings of International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics CICLING 2012


  1. Lindén, K., Silfverberg, M., Axelson, E., Hardwick, S., Pirinen, T.A., HFST—Framework for Compiling and Applying Morphologies in Systems and Frameworks for Computational Morphology 2011, in Communications in Computer and Information Science (100), ISBN: 978-3-642-23138-4
  2. Silfverberg, M., Hyvärinen, M., Pirinen, T. A. (2011b), Improving Predictive Entry of Finnish Text Messages using IRC Logs in Proceedings of the Computational Linguistics-Applications Conference 2011, ISBN: 978-83-60810-47-7.


  • Silfverberg, M. and Lindén, K. (2010). Part-of-Speech Tagging using Parallel Weighted Finite-State Transducers In Proceedings of IceTAL 2010 - 7th International Conference on Natural Language Processing. August 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Pirinen, T. and Lindén, K. (2010). Finite-State Spell-Checking with Weighted Language and Error Models. Building and Evaluating Spell-Checkers with Wikipedia as Corpus In Proceedings of LREC 2010 Workshop on Creation and use of basic lexical resources for less-resourced languages. May 2010, Malta.
  • Yli-Jyrä, A. (2010). Conversions between crisply bipartite and unambiguous automata. In M. Droste, et al. (eds.), Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications, Leipzig, May 3 — 7, 2010. Institut für Informatik, Universität Leipzig.



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