Remove symbols from the alphabet of a transducer that do not occur in any transitions.


The help message:

Usage: hfst-prune-alphabet [OPTIONS...] [INFILE]
Prune the alphabet of a transducer

Common options:
  -h, --help             Print help message
  -V, --version          Print version info
  -v, --verbose          Print verbosely while processing
  -q, --quiet            Only print fatal erros and requested output
  -s, --silent           Alias of --quiet
Input/Output options:
  -i, --input=INFILE     Read input transducer from INFILE
  -o, --output=OUTFILE   Write output transducer to OUTFILE
Alphabet pruning options:
  -f, --force            force pruning
  -S, --safe             prune only if no unknown or identity symbols
                         are used in the transducer (default)
If OUTFILE or INFILE is missing or -, standard streams will be used.
Format of result depends on format of INFILE

Report bugs to <hfst-bugs@helsinki.fi> or directly to our bug tracker at:

-- ErikAxelson - 2013-01-16