Spell check using HFST finite-state automata. This is a modest test tool. For full fledged spelling checkers, look into voikko and enchant.


The help message:

Usage: hfstospell [OPTIONS] [ZHFST-ARCHIVE]
Use automata in ZHFST-ARCHIVE or from OPTIONS to check and correct

  -h, --help                Print this help message
  -V, --version             Print version information
  -v, --verbose             Be verbose
  -q, --quiet               Don't be verbose (default)
  -s, --silent              Same as quiet
  -a, --analyse             Analyse strings and corrections
  -n, --limit=N             Show at most N suggestions
  -w, --max-weight=W        Suppress corrections with weights above W
  -b, --beam=W              Suppress corrections worse than best candidate by more than W
  -t, --time-cutoff=T       Stop trying to find better corrections after T seconds (T is a float)
  -S, --suggest             Suggest corrections to mispellings
  -X, --real-word           Also suggest corrections to correct words
  -m, --error-model         Use this error model (must also give lexicon as option)
  -l, --lexicon             Use this lexicon (must also give erro model as option)

Report bugs to hfst-bugs@helsinki.fi


See here for explanation on the transducer input.


hfst-ospell fin.zhfst

Load Finnish zhfst speller from current directory.

HFST spell transducers can be fetched here.

Obtaining the program

hfst-ospell can be downloaded from our svn repository at Sourceforge or from Apertium as debian, for windows or for mac osx.


Copyright 2014 University of Helsinki; Licence Apache v2.

Reporting bugs

Report bugs to hfst-bugs@helsinki.fi or directly to our bug tracker at:

See also

Further info on HFST-based spell-checkers in HfstUseAsSpellChecker.

-- ErikAxelson - 2014-04-01