HFST: FIN-CLARIN Seminar June 9th 2014: HFST

Interfaces and environments

  Windows Linux Mac
Command line tools NSIS installers (32/64-bit) Debian (32/64-bit) MacPort installation
C++ API ? x x
Python bindings - Debian (32/64-bit) users must compile themselves
Java bindings - - -

We also offer:

  • tarballs hfst-v.v.v.tar.gz and hfstospell-v.v.v.tar.gz
  • separate NSIS installers (32/64-bit) and a MacPort installation for hfst-ospell (Debian packages include hfst-ospell)
  • a standalone version of the optimized lookup tool in native C++, Java and Python as well as Python wrapping around C++
  • ready-compiled morphological, hyphenation and spell transducers and scripts that use these transducers

The packages can be fetched from:

Future work:

  • Separate Windows installers for hfst-lexc, hfst-proc, hfst-xfst -> statically linked hfst-lexc.exe, hfst-proc.exe, hfst-xfst.exe
  • Python bindings needed also for Windows, issues with msvc dlls (Python3 links to msvcr100, so it must be used also when compiling HFST, bitness must also be the same in Python and HFST)
  • C++ API would probably need a def file or something if it is used directly on Windows
  • Java bindings after the summer? (Petri-Tapio)
  • parsers as a part of HFST API

Information about HFST

Main pages:

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Information about new releases:

-- ErikAxelson - 2014-06-06

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