HFST: Cross compiling for 32-bit with hfst computer

A 32-bit operating system is installed to hfst computer at directory /mnt/i386/. This system can be used to create 32-bit executables and libraries.

You can use the directory /mnt/i386/tmp/ or /mnt/i386/home/username/ (if you have one) as your workspace. First copy your source code to either location. If you have problems in writing, try adding sudo to the beginning of your commands, e.g. sudo cp -R ~/username/* /mnt/i386/home/username/. Using sudo should let you act as root user.

Switch to the 32-bit operating system by typing sudo chroot /mnt/i386.

Go to the directory where you have copied your sources and compile them.

Type exit to return back to the 64-bit operating system.

-j = *.bz2, -z = *.gz

Extract: tar -xjvf hfst-morphology-bin.tar.bz2

Create: tar -cjvf hfst-morphology-bin.tar.bz2 hfst-morphology-bin

-- ErikAxelson - 2009-04-21
Topic revision: r3 - 2009-05-28 - ErikAxelson
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