HFST: Application Program Interface

The HFST API library is intended for creating and manipulating weighted or unweighted synchronic transducers implementing regular relations.

The library is licenced under GNU GPL version 3 (other licences may be available at request). Licence text can be found from file COPYING. Other licences are possible, and can be given by authors found in AUTHORS file.


For documentation and examples, see HFST API documentation. (Version 2 documentation is here.)


NOTE: HFST will be migrated under Github at the end of Februrary 2016.

The API library can be fetched from the Sourceforge download page. The library packages contain the source files needed to compile and install the HFST API. Release info can be also found at the project's Sourceforge page.


For installing instructions, see INSTALL. Briefly, the usual

        (as root) make install

should result in a local installation and

        make uninstall

in its uninstallation. If you would rather install in eg. your home directory (or aren't the system administrator), you can tell ./configure:

        ./configure --prefix=${HOME}


Include file HfstTransducer.h in your own code and link to libhfst.so or libhfst.a.

For detailed documentation and examples, see HFST API documentation.

Reporting bugs

All bugs in HFST library shall be reported to HFST team.

It may also be possible to push bug reports to somewhere in KitWiki.

-- ErikAxelson - 2009-04-08