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Helpdesk Item: How to Connect, the Corpus Server of the Language Bank

Description of the Problem

This topic discusses how you can connect from you desktop workstation to the server by establishing a command line terminal on your workstation which executes commands on the Corpus server. In addition to this character-based terminal connection, one may also execute graphical X-window programs on the Corpus server so that their active window will reside on your workstation.

This topic is intended for those who want to do something else such as using standard Unix or GNU/Linux tools to search and manipulate the corpora, do their own programming, use language parsers or anything like. If you only use the Lemmie interface, all you need is your Internet browser e.g. Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer and it does not matter what operating system your workstation uses.

The Answer(s)

Using a remote server from your desktop workstation

Server machines like the can be used remotely through the network. In order to reach the Corpus server from your workstation you need a few functions which may be slightly different depending on the operating system you are using on your desktop workstation and they are:

  • A secure terminal connection from your workstation to the Corpus server which enables you to have a terminal window on your machine where you can execute shell commands on the corpus server (i.e. so called Secure Shell or ssh).
  • A secure file transfer for moving files from your worksation to the server and vice versa (i.e. so called Secure Copy or scp).
  • Optionally, a way to display graphical windows on your workstation for interacting with programs running on the server machine.

On the server machine, you probably use some (program) editor, and in order to make them run smoothly, you may need some tuning.

  • If you are using the Emacs editor on the Corpus server, you may need to change some settings of it and your terminal program in order to make the workstation keys work as you would expect. Emacs can be used either in character mode or in a windowed mode.

Connecting from a Windows workstation

You definitely need:

  • A secure terminal connection, and we recommend the use of a free program called PuTTY: Where to find it, how to install it, how to configure it, how to use it
  • Secure file transfer, WinSCP: Where to find it, how to install it, how to configure it, how to use it.

(Alternative ways: InstallingSSHTerm)

Connecting from a Linux workstation

In a Linux workstation, such as the UHL Linux maintained by the University of Helsinki, you only need the ssh and scp programs which are available either as open source or as commercial but free of charge. There is no need for separate programs for graphical X Window output as the Linux workstation can display the graphics from the server automatically.

Through the CSC Scientist's User Interface

Sometimes, it is handy to access your home directory at CSC without logging on to the Unix machine. You can manage the files and upload/download files using a Web client such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you have a valid user account, you only need to the user interface at location

Typical problem situations

If you have tried to use one of the methods explained below and you get an error when trying to connect, please see Helpdesk:ConnectionErrorDiagnosis for possible help.

Questions and comments

Using the box below, you may enter any questions about problems in connecting to the Corpus server or solutions or suggestions to solve such problems.
  • I cannot connect to from (University of Tampere). I'm logging into kielo using PuTTY, then I try to log into using ssh command.
I tried different versions of the command: ssh, ssh -l username, ssh However, the result is always the same: ** warning: Authentication failed. Disconnected (local); connection lost (Connection closed by remote host.). * Does the block the TaY server? -- MihailMihailov - 26 Oct 2006 - 16:55

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 07 May 2006 -- AnssiYliJyra - 17 May 2006 (typical problem situations...) -- AnssiYliJyra - 21 Aug 2006 (moved)
HelpdeskProblemName How I can connect
HelpdeskProblemAbstract I have got an account for the Language Bank of Finland. How I can connect to the Linux machine
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