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Helpdesk item: Emacs Rejects Large Files

Description of the Problem

In the Linux machine, the Emacs is set, by default, to the settings typically needed in programming. However, the users of the machine often need extra functionality. We request for help in crafting the configuration files for Emacs.

Some other requirements for the emacs configuration, some of which is beyond the current topic:

  1. Overcome "maximum buffer size exceeded" for large files
  2. Backspaces should work in graphical and no-windows modes and over different shell connections
  3. The state of the art support for UNICODE
  4. Handling of missing new line in the end of text files
  5. ...

The Answer(s)

Some useful links on the topic:

On 22 Sep 2006, the DEL and Backspace keys have been configured correctly in (See and quote /v/gen/appl/ling/emacs/site-lisp/.../50-bindings.el)

HelpdeskProblemName Configuring Emacs in the Language Bank Corpus Server
HelpdeskProblemAbstract Configuring Emacs in the Language Bank Unix server have tricky issues. One of these is how to make Emacs to open large or huge files. While emacs may not be the best tool for editing large files, it should be available when it seems to be the fastest option, e.g for comparing binary files.

HelpdeskUrgency DesirableFeature
HelpdeskNumberOfUsers 30
HelpdeskDateIssued 2006-08-16
Topic revision: r2 - 2006-09-22 - AnssiYliJyra
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