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Helpdesk Item: How Do I Arrange Accounts for the Students of My Course

Description of the Problem

I am going to use the Language Bank during my course on natural language processing. What should I know about the user accounts and user's applications? What measures should be taken before the course? Can I have an account for each student in my course?

The Answer(s)

Choosing between the Account Types

There are two main categories for user accounts:

  1. user accounts
  2. course accounts.

If the students or some of the students are going to continue using the language bank after the course, it is recommended that they apply for a personal account. The role of the teacher is to be a catalyst, but every student will have to fill their own forms and they will get the account and password to their personal address. In some cases, the teacher can be also a supervisor for the students, but the supervisor is a tenured professor, a coordinator or a responsible researcher rather than an assistant professor or a lecturer of a course. Most second-year students in the language technology already have a need for a permanent account and they should apply for a personal username. If the student has a username in some other computer system, it can be mentioned in the application.

The course accounts are for the teachers. They help students that do not have or need an account of their own. The teacher needs to use the same electronic application form as otherwise, specifying

  • the name and time of the course or a series of courses
  • the length of the course or a description of a series of courses
  • the topic or short abstract of the couse
  • the name of the teacher and the assistants
  • a proposal for a name for a series of usernames.
These usernames should be of the length of at most 8 characters, and they must not be like person names. For example, names jarvine0, jarvine1, ... jarvine9 are dispreferred names for course accounts but 120kit0, 120kit1,..., 120kit9 are good. The passwords of these accounts will be given to the teacher. If the same accounts are used thoughout a series of courses of the same topic, the teacher is responsible for changing the passwords after each course. The teacher takes care of these passwords and the course accounts as if they there his or her own, although he or she is given the permission to borrow the course accounts for the students during each course.

In general, CSC is not ready to give more than 10 course accounts per a course. This is due to the numbering scheme (0-9) and the limitations of the username space in CSC and in European computer grids. The teachers should consider a combination of both types of accounts: the advanced and interested students should be encouraged to apply for an account of his or her own.


The applications for both type of accounts should be sent one week before the course or the need. Theoretically, the accounts can be ordered within one working day, but then some extra effort and arrangements is needed by the participants:
  • send the signed application form also by fax
  • ask only permissions to use the corpus server of language bank by minimizing the need for linguistic resources (usually the Finnish, Swedish and Finland-Swedish text collection having a+b texts). It seems to be possible also not to apply access to any linguistic resources, but this requires an extra note in description of need.
  • arrange a quick method for getting the passwords (courier or some other meas).

The Procedure

  1. The agreement is filled in WWW (the English application varsion) by the applicant:
    1. the user applies for access to the language bank and a personal username, or,
    2. the teacher applies for a set of course accounts that will stay under the control of the teacher.
  2. The applicant should not forget to send the printed and signed version of the agreement to the address
    CSC - Tieteellinen laskenta Oy
    Käyttöluvat / Kielipankki-luvat
    PL 405
    FIN-02101 ESPOO. 
    If the account is needed quickly, the application can be sent also by fax to +358-9-457 2302 (CSC).
  3. When the applicant submits the electronic form, it will be examined for approval. This process has been delegated to laboratories that are responsible for access rights to particular linguistic resources. The laboratories get an electronic message and reply shortly, within a few days if not earlier. At this point, any queries can be sent to the language bank ling or to the usermgr.
  4. The usermgr at CSC will observe that both the printed form and the supporting approval have arrived at CSC. After this, the new applications will be processed within the office time 8-16, and the accounts will be created to the CSC scientist's interface ( and the server, together with the access rights assigned to the applicant.
  5. The user manager will send the username and password through a normal mail to the applicant. If there is a need for a faster service, the applicant needs to be in contact with the user manager.
  6. The new accounts are valid, by default, for 2 years after creation.

  • I need help in spelling this quick note. Anssi

-- AnssiYliJyra - 21 Aug 2006

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