Getting Started With the KitWiki

Most of the contents of the KitWiki site are free for anybody to read. All writing to KitWiki is restricted to registered users only, and some areas have more specific restrictions so that they may bee seen or altered by a smaller group only. If you think that you could benefit from using the KitWiki because you are a professional or a student in a related area, you are encouraged to register in the KitWiki.

Joining the KitWiki

If you are from a Finnish university, or you know that others from your university or company are already registered, chances are you'll be able to register just by clicking the Register link at the top of the left side column of this page and filling the form that opens. If you have filled in the form successfully, you will receive mail that prompts you to confirm the registration. If your email address however is not already on our list, you'll have to contact the KitWiki admin at Please supply the email address you'd like to join with, and your reason for joining.

Joining Groups

If you want to join one of the groups in KitWiki, check the group's page for more information on what the group is for and who administers the list of users in the group (set by the ALLOWTOPICCHANGE variable on the group page). Then get in contact with one of the group admins.

Working in KitWiki

The new user is expected to learn some basics of the TWiki software which is used for writing the WIKI pages and presenting them to the users. See the TWiki documentation where you can find some welcoming information for the beginner. Later on, if one uses TWiki more, one will be motivated to learn further features as one needs them.

It might be useful to pay attention to a few terms used throughout the TWiki documentation and tutorials: pages are often called topics, and the main divisions of the site (e.g. Main, KitWiki, FiLT, Sandbox and TWiki) are called webs. Use the Sandbox for testing or learning, and the KitWiki web for writing new topics which you consider useful for others (i.e. all users or for a particular group). When creating new pages, please avoid short or general names. Instead, use somewhat longer names, preferably including some unique prefix.

Helpful Tips and Good Practices

  • When creating a topic, name it descriptively and make sure the name is a WikiWord. This will help linking and maintenance.
  • To prevent a WikiWord from being linked, put ! in front of it: !WikiWord. Do not create topics for words just because they link automatically.
  • Group related topics with a prefix, so that sub-topics get the same prefix and are easily located from the index page.
  • Use the Main web for personal topics, and prefix them with your username. Put more collaborative topics in other appropriate webs.
  • You can limit access to topics by setting access control variables within it. See TWikiAccessControl for more information. You can include the settings within html comments (<!-- and -->) if you wish, so they won't clutter the page when viewing it.
  • Use templates to create similar pages. You can for example set access rights or the general layout of the page in the template. See Template Topics in Action under TWikiTemplates for more information.
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