Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
AbbrName text 16   abbreviated resource name
FullName text 50   resource name
ItemDesc textarea 50x10   resource description
APartOf text 50   resource name
ContainsParts text 50   resource name
HomePage text 50   resource name
Type select 1 Combined, FsmCompiler, RegPrecompiler, FsmLibrary, TwoLevelSystem, OtherLinguisticFormalism, Visualizer, GrammarDebugger, Other resource type
ImplLanguage textarea 50x2    
Author textarea 50x2    
Copyright textarea 50x2    
License textarea 50x6   license
References textarea 50x4    
Availability textarea 50x3    
ProviderName text 50x2   resource provider's name
RelatedWork textarea 50x2    
Evaluation textarea 50x2    
LatestVersion text 50    

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