• TYYPPI: yleinen reunaelementti


  • KUVAUS: ilmaisee tapahtuman toistuvuuden tai toistojen määrän
  • ESIM: Oulullakin on kaksi peräkkäistä HÄVIÖTÄ ja maaliero 0-4. (Beat_opponent)

Esiintyy kehyksissä

Abounding_with, Activity_resume, Adorning, Assessing, Attack, Beat_opponent, Becoming_aware, Being_employed, Body_movement, Bringing, Bungling, Cause_change, Cause_expansion, Cause_fluidic_motion, Cause_harm, Cause_impact, Cause_motion, Change_of_leadership, Cogitation, Commerce_pay, Commitment, Communicate_categorization, Communication_manner, Create_representation, Damaging, Departing, Emotion_directed, Excreting, Experiencer_obj, Forming_relationships, Getting_vehicle_underway, Grinding, Hostile_encounter, Impact, Inhibit_movement, Inspecting, Judgment_direct_address, Kidnapping, Losing_track_of_theme, Make_acquaintance, Make_noise, Manipulate_into_doing, Mass_motion, Motion_noise, Moving_in_place, Operate_vehicle, Path_shape, Placing, Practice, Predicament, Rejuvenation, Reshaping, Self_motion, Shoot_projectiles, Sleep, Sounds, Statement, Topic, Travel, Traversing, Undergo_change, Use_firearm
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