• TYYPPI: yleinen reunaelementti


  • KUVAUS: kuinka usein toiminta, tilanne tai tapahtuma toistuu
  • ESIM: Me SUUTUMME toisinaan kanssaihmisiimme. (Annoyance)
    Naapuriluokasta tuli pieni tyttö lainaamaan liitua ja saatuaan sitä opettajalta hän kiitokseksi NIIATA niksautti monta kertaa. (Body_movement)
    Joka päivä tyttö KASTELI sitä ja hoiti sitä sydämellisesti. (Filling)

Esiintyy kehyksissä

Abusing, Accuracy, Activity_resume, Adducing, Adjusting, Adorning, Annoyance, Appearance, Apply_heat, Arrest, Arriving, Assessing, Assistance, Attaching, Attack, Attempt_suasion, Awareness, Becoming_aware, Biological_urge, Birth, Body_movement, Bringing, Bungling, Causation, Cause_expansion, Cause_fluidic_motion, Cause_harm, Cause_motion, Cause_temperature_change, Change_position_on_a_scale, Cognitive_connection, Coming_to_be, Coming_up_with, Communicate_categorization, Communication_manner, Communication_noise, Compatibility, Complaining, Conduct, Contacting, Contrition, Cotheme, Creating, Custom, Drop_in_on, Duplication, Eclipse, Emotion_directed, Endangering, Eventive_affecting, Excreting, Expansion, Experiencer_focus, Experiencer_obj, Expressing_publicly, Feigning, Filling, Food_gathering, Forming_relationships, Get_a_job, Giving, Grooming, Growing_food, Hiding_objects, Hiring, Hostile_encounter, Imitating, Impact, Inchoative_attaching (nykyään Becoming_attached), Ingest_substance, Ingestion, Institutionalization, Intentionally_act, Intoxication, Judgment_communication, Judgment_direct_address, Justifying, Kidnapping, Killing, Light_movement, Location_of_light, Losing, Make_noise, Making_faces, Manipulation, Mass_motion, Memory, Misdeed, Motion, Motion_noise, Moving_in_place, Operate_vehicle, Placing, Precipitation, Progress, Quarreling, Remembering_information, Removing, Residence, Scrutiny, Self_motion, Sending, Shoot_projectiles, Social_event, Social_interaction_evaluation, Sounds, Speak_on_topic, Statement, Success_or_failure, Theft, Travel, Using, Waking_up, Willingness

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