Application Form (registered via Shibboleth authentication)

The application form below is meant for registered users after Shibboleth authentication. The application form could be located at the new SUI, which is Shibboleth enabled .

The application form for registered users should open prefilled with attribute values. Required attributes must be defined. The mandatory attributes of funetEduPerson schema, which is compatible with the SCHAC schema, are the following:

  • cn, commonName, displayName + sn
  • sn, surName, family name
  • displayName, used givenName, the name the individual has registered as the one (s)he uses
  • eduPersonPrincipalName, should be represented in the form user@scope, where scope defines a local security domain
  • schacHomeOrganization, specifies a person´s home organization using the domain name of the organization.
  • schacHomeOrganizationType, countrycode:string, for example fi:university

Et ole kirjautunut sisään * <form name=

Personal information

First name:
Family name:
Nationality :
Department or laboratory:
Street address or P.O.Box:
Zip code:

Purpose of use

Field of science:
Short title (max 80 chars):

Abstract of research plan or short summary of purpose of use:

Access Rights Applied

  • List of resources (from the database)
  • Check-box for the referee candidate (to express his/her willingness to function as a referee) It will be clearly indicated on the web page whether user access or referee promotion is being applied for.

(Subject to relocation)

CSC user account:
(please enter your CSC user account if you have one)

Comments (for CSC staff):

  • CSC user account information has to be correlated with the user's HAKA attributes.

Is there an attribute available for:

  • Nationality, e.g. the schacCountryOfCitizenship attribute?
  • Organisation, e.g. the schacHomeOrganization attribute, where the entire name or the organisation is needed
  • Email, e.g. the mail attribute?

Currently, the CSC Scientist's interface requires the following attributes:

  • eduPersonPrincipalName
  • schacHomeOrganization
  • schacHomeOrganizationType
  • eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation

Will the following new fields be needed in the form?

  • Address type selection (in the current database four address types: work, home, foreign or CSCstaff address, Obs. home address cannot currently include Organisation and Department or laboratory. Foreign address without Zip code and City fields. The foreign address only includes the country
  • OR All address types integrated into one address type?
  • preferredLanguage

Will the username option be offered?

| New Username: |

See also:

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