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> From: Antti Arppe [mailto:aarppe@ling.helsinki.fi]
> Sent: 20. toukokuuta 2009 19:33
> To: Satu Torikka
> Cc: Totti Makela; Sean Crowe; Jussi Piitulainen; Antti Arppe
> Subject: RE: further commentary wrt FINCLARIN AAI
> Satu et al.,
> On Wed, 20 May 2009, Satu Torikka wrote:
> > See my comments attached, indicated by CSC2. The open issues are in
> > Automatic access only, and the Controlled access part is ok for
> > acceptance?
> Please find my comments attached (marked as AA2 in comparison to my
> earlier remarks indicated as AA1).
> I've ended up highlighting what we're ideally after, so what I'm
> saying ought not to be taken as the final truth. Moreover, as I note
> in the beginning, I believe that in general we ought to refer to
> 'authorization' rather than 'access' in this document. Especially in
> the case of 'automatic access' -> 'automatic authorization' and
> 'controlled access' -> 'controlled auhtorization'. My reason for this
> is that the process of authorization is distinct from the subsequent
> access, and one needen't necessarily immediately access resources
> which one has just been authorized to do so.
> Nevertheless I believe we should iron out during the coming summer
> months at least that we have a common understanding of what the issues
> are, even though we might not necessarily be able to implement them
> all as part of the current ongoing project.
> With respect to the technical meeting in June, either of the weekdays
> will do fine. Let us say Tuesday, June 16th, anytime after 12.00.
> Should we come this time to CSC or shall we meet here in Helsinki?
> Best, -Antti
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