Dear All Teachers (and some CL-aware researchers all around) [open list],

At the University of Helsinki, we have a constant need to track what software
and hardware are in use for teaching basic, intermediate, advanced and 
researcher-level LT courses.  Keeping the labs up to date is a major common 
challenge for us.

I have moved some of our recent discussion under a KitWiki topic:

Please check this page and modify it to satisfy your needs: 
 - list the software used on your courses 
 - tell how you run them and in which environment
 - possible suggestions for useful software to be adopted in teaching
 - the software that you can recommend to your colleagues and 
   the new generation would use
 - configuration tricks.

The software whose administrator is indicated as "AD" are to be installed
to the Windows workstations in the lab 25 at Unioninkatu 40.  Thus, this page 
will be, in the first place, a structured (and maintainable) way to present our 
software and hardware requirements and experiences to 
 a) HY-AD = University of Helsinki admin staff 
 b) CSC (remote access)
 c) tricks/hints between colleagues.

So, please, PLEASE, contribute Your perspectives to the topic.  

It is much easier to list the software than to make all of it actually running on 
demand basis: many combinations are possible, but some are not feasible. 
We actually should collaborate more to avoid overhead and lost time with 
installations and suboptimal approaches to running various software.

Anssi Yli-Jyrä

P.S. I have assumed that I can use you initials to refer to the sources of some details.  
Apologies that I have not been able to collect all the mentioned software - 
please help complement the topic.  

P.S. Don't worry about the name CoursesUsingKitWikiHaveSoftwareRequirements.
If you add your data to the page, you will be using KitWiki already!
Let me know if you miss a KitWiki account of your own.
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