Ideal Computing Environment for LT and Computational Linguistics


Purpose: This describes collaboratively a "nice to have" wish list for a computing environment in language technology and computational linguistics. This is distinguished from the minimal requirements for teaching the standard courses. Editing: Collaborative editing is encouraged. Acknowledgements and sources: DonKillian.

Environment for Language Documentation

"The basic needs of a field linguist aren't too high, and it's still frustrating that we don't know how to store our data. We don't have the ability to make own databases, but you might have some suggestions which could be useful for other people as well."

DonKillian recommends using the following tools:

appreciated Charis SIL font
appreciated Doulos SIL font
easy keyman for Windows multilingual input
good XeLaTeX publishing
good ExPex package for XeLaTeX linguistic examples
possible Toolbox storing linguistic data
possible FieldWorks storing linguistic data
good TshwaneLex making dictionaries

Solutions for Multilingual Input


There are problems with qt4 apps and ibus if it's linux, so you need to look into a few things first to make sure they'd work.


If it's windows then installing a free version of keyman is quite easy (

-- AnssiYliJyra - 2012-11-26

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