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Creating new pages

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Ideas on improving and developing FILT

  1. Units could have a wiki name which identifies the type such as ...Person, ...Organization, ...Project, ...Company, ...Product, ...System, ...Material, ...Area, ...InGeneral. This might speed up the processing because one can make use of e.g. topic='*Organization' in SEARCH.
  2. Units would be viewed and browsed in two ways:
  3. There is interest in expanding the system for multilingual use. Instead of introducing more and more slots for each language, one could restrict to a two-language approach where English is the 'international' language and just one field would have the 'local' language version (and one field might tell which local language is effective in the unit).

Support for multilinguality

The goal is that the pages are multilingual so that if the user selects one of the languages available (En, Fi, Sv) then she gets the information served in that language. The user may change this language when she wants. The changing of the language should not affect the navigation, i.e. the user should remain at the same point but only the language changes. The user would be served in the new language until she perhaps changes it again.

According to the effective language, the left side navigation bar gets its labels and links. The labels are to be given in the active language and the links should point to pages in appropriate languages. When moving among various pages, the consistent language version of pages should be chosen in the links - unless the effective language is changed by clicking the appropriate button or link.

  • WebLeftBar needs a consistent way to decide which language is effective now. There are two means: (a) a URLPARAM which is set to a language code and consistently passed on as the browsing proceeds, and (b) the suffix of the page being displayed, and as a default, En should be used for pages not meeting either of the above conditions.
  • Some pages have their language marked by a suffix (En, Fi, Sv) in the topic name. This kind of a language code can be retrieved with SpreadHeetPlugin as well as removing the language code from the end of the name to extract the base name of a topic. Switching to a corresponding page in another language is straightforward, e.g. by %INCLUDE{"WebSwitchLanguageSuffix" LANG="Fi"}%. As an exception, the WebHome must be recognized as if it had an En suffix.
  • If a page is called with a URLPARAM lang=Fi or such, then it can call further pages with the same value of the URLPARAM. If the page needs to call pages with suffixed language versions, then the %URLPARAM{"lang"}% can be simply suffixed to the link.

A solution (2007-11-22): Pages either have a URLPARAM lang or they have not one, then their name has a language suffix. WebLeftBar checks whether there is a URLPARAM lang set, and uses that if there is a value, and otherwise use the value deduced from the last two letters of the topic name, and if neither way of settling the language is detected, the language code En is used.

For all pages whose language is encoded as the two-letter suffix, the topic WebSwitchLanguageSuffix should be included as the first line.

For all pages whose language is encoded through a URLPARAM lang, the topic WebSwitchLanguageUrlParam should be included as the first line.

Navigation pages

Pages for adding data


HTML forms for adding data to different categories, and pages that use them:

Template topics (see TWiki documentation on template topics):

TWiki forms (see TWiki documentation on forms):

Pages for listing data

For including on other pages with INCLUDE.

Keyword loop:


Names in use:

Test pages

The following are pages for testing the use of URL parameters and INCLUDE parameters in displaying records.

  • ProjectViewer displays a project record when given two URL parameters, one for the name of the pjoject's topic and the other the code for the language in which the data is to be displayed. Example use:;lang=En
  • Some conventions for URL parameters:
    • name is the Wiki name for the topic for a person, product etc.
    • lang is the language code and its possible values are En Fi Sv. (Not using all capitals or all lower case because so many fields and topic names contain the two-letter code with capital first letter. The language code can thus be conveniently suffixed in order to get the correct translation.)
  • TestForEach is a test page for the recently installed FOREACH plugin.
  • WebDisplayKeyword is a page which prints one translation of a keyword when given parameters KEYWORD and FIELD
  • WebDisplayKeywordGroup ia a page which uses the above for printing the translations of one group of keywords (as in the ProjectForm)
  • WebDisplayKeywordsOfUnit displays all keywords of an organization, project etc.
  • TestListProjectsEn lists all projects in English with their English keywords
  • WebSwitchLanguageSuffix is to be included e.g. as %INCLUDE{"WebSwitchLanguageSuffix"}% and it returns a right justified line with links to the three language versions of the page - assuming that the language is encoded in the two-letter suffix of the topic name.
  • (Just for testing: TestExtractLanguage extracts the language code from the topic's name.)
  • (An older version using Spread Sheet Plugin: DisplayPerson displays a record of a person when given two URL parameters, one for the name of the person's topic and the other the code for the language in which the data is to be displayed.)

XML Output for FiLTWiki Content:

XML Output: Organizations

XML Output: Project

XML Output: People

XML Output: Product

XML Output: Saami

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