WP7: Plan for 2008

The Work Package 7 for intellectual property rights aims to do the following things during 2008 or the first year of the EU commission funding. According to the Technical Annex, there are four milestones during the first year:

M7S-1.1 Working groups formed and Activity Plan exists T3
M7S-2.1 Initial authorization and authentication scheme plan exists T9
M7S-2.2 Registry of existing Licenses for LRT in operation and incrementally growing T12
M7S-4.1 Repository federations and initial set of Federation Agreements between CLARIN centres (available for WP2) T12

1. Defining and setting up WP7 related working groups

See the ClarinEb topic for an account of working groups (WG). At least the following WGs corresponding to the tasks of this WP will be proposed:

Providing a framework for licensing and authorization to enable incorporating of new and existing language resources into CLARIN. This WG should include representatives from all participating countries in order to collect enough information about existing licenses governing the use of language resources. (Marjut Salokannel, UHEL, UTU, INL, ILSP, Martin, Peter, Comm. publsihers, all)
Defining the relation to existing initiatives such as in particular ELRA/ELDA and the inclusion of their offering. This WG would include representatives of relevant initiatives. (ELDA, Victoria Arranz?, WP5 contact...)
Providing a set of legal agreement templates to be used between the various actors in order to establish the necessary trust relations and to define the obligations and rights. This WP will include representatives from relevant actors and from some other WPs, especially from WP2. (Marjut Salokannel, UHEL, CSC, MPG, publishers, ...)

The first of these, Wp7Wg2A, is the first one to be activated. The work of Wp7Wg3 can be started in the second year, or towards the end of the first year. The work of Wp7Wg4 is closely tied to the progress in WP2 and has to start in synchrony with the activities in WP2. Later on, some further WGs may be proposed, e.g.

for a framework for licensing to enable incorporating of e.g. language technological software modules into CLARIN. (Marjut Salokannel, UHEL, Martin W?, Peter W?, open source organizations, LT companies, ...)
for deeper study national and EU-wide IPR legislation. (Marjut Salokannel, Dan Cristea, ...)

2. Collect a list of national contact persons for each CLARIN country

One contact person is needed from each country where we have a CLARIN member to assist in getting contact with relevant persons in that country. The person should know the relevant people in that country with good coverage, and be able to locate people who know further people. These contact persons need not be burdened with much work, but they should be fairly well reachable. We should collect one set of such contact persons together with WP5..

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 11 Dec 2007

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