WP7: IPR, A&A, Licensing; Detailed Activity Plan

?HW? Goal: to build legal and ethical agreement patterns for CLARIN, in oder to ensure cooperation among actors and users, and to achieve and maintain sufficient levels of trust.

WG/Del. 2A 2B 2C 3 4 tot.
tot. 32

?HW? representative of each of these? ?HW? which tasks are they probably interested in participating?

The Finnish Language Resource Consortium will set up a task force and a set of meetings starting in May for the purpose of making the Finnish BLARK report by the end of the year.

Working Group formation and activity plan

  • Detailed activity plan (this document) will be produced by T3.

  • According to the initial WG meeting at the CLARIN Kick-off in Nijmegen, a group of initial working group members will be invited to subsribe to the CLARIN web goups according to their interest by T3. Reinvite by T6.

  • Collect a list of national contact persons for each CLARIN country by T6.
Table of countries where we have a CLARIN member, slots for contact persons

Tasks of the contact persons:

- to locate people for collecting data needed for CLARIN

- to work with WP5 for one set of contact persons

Task 1 Milestones

M7S-1.1 Working group formed and Activity Plan exists T3

Licensing and authorization of materials

Task 2 Working Groups:

WG2A: Licensing and authorization of materials

Providing a framework for licensing and authorization to enable incorporating of new and existing language resources into CLARIN. This WG should include representatives from all participating countries in order to collect enough information about existing licenses governing the use of language resources. This WG will be responsible for the Milestones M7S-2.1-4 and the Deliverable D7S-2.1 (see below). Members:

  • UIL-OTS, Netherlands, Jan Odijk, jan.odijk at let.uu.nl, as Chair STEVIN IPR working group; board ELRA; head of L&H/ScanSoft/Nuance LR division
  • Center for Computational Linguistics, K.U.Leuven, Belgium, Ineke Schuurman, ineke.schuurman at ccl.kuleuven.be, familiar with situation in Belgium (Flanders), to a lesser extent also in the Netherlands - contacts with the field in Flanders
  • ELDA, France, Khalid Choukri, choukri at elda.org
  • ELDA, France, Victoria Arranz, arranz at elda.org

(Marjut Salokannel, UHEL, UTU, INL, ILSP, Martin, Peter, Comm. publishers, all)

Invite various parties involved:

    • publishers
    • organizations for authors (writers, journalists, ...)
    • potential trusted organizations

WG2B: Software licensing (Will be formed 2009 if need be)

  • Model contracts for commercial software to be included in CLARIN
  • Studied existing OSF licences and produces recommendations for such licenses to be used for CLARIN software

  • Members:

  • Responsibilities:

WG2C: IPR legislation EU wide (Will be formed in 2009 if need be)

  • study European IPR legislation and practices
  • produce recommendations for changing EU wide legislation; FAIR USE?

  • Members:

  • Responsibilities:

Task 2 Milestones:

The following milestones are to be met within this task.

M7S-2.1 T9: Initial AA Scheme Plan

WP2 will provide WP7 with "registry requirements" at T6 (D2R-4) concerning legal and ethical issues from a technical point of view. We will the formulate an initial plan including:

  • access to whole groups
  • what should the criteria and facts collected from an individual at the trusted organization be
  • Find out what kind of information can be collected for the applications and what will satisfy the copyright owners
    • list all copyright owners
  • Sketch a set of model licenses (list of things to include in the licenses)
  • Find out about "fair use"
  • an investigation of current practices and models will be done.

Set up a meeting with CSC to find out about further collaboration on CLARIN compatibility. In the April 17th meeting CSC promised to make a plan for a national AA scheme using HAKA (the Finnish Identity Federation). They will take into account the role in CLARIN and full compatitibility is planned. In addition to the AA scheme, they will make some resources available as a test. The planned AA Schime will include both web-based logins and command line Unix logins. The role of Kalmar Union (a Nordic cross-federation) will be studied as a possible route for a Nordic AA Scheme, which could further be connected to other federations and cross-federations.

M7S-2.2 T12: Registry for Existing Licenses for LRT ("Inventory" and standard licenses in KK terms)

  • Prepare information leaflets for publishers
  • Collect information EU-wide
  • Contact national repositories

This will be done in close collaboration with WP5 as they collect other information about the resources. The local providers of LRT will be surveyed by T6. This will ensure that WP5 will get the necessary information when they do their survey (during the summer).

M7S-2.3 T18: First Comprehensive Summary about Licensing Problems (distributed)

  • Collect information on differences in national interpretations of copyright legislation
  • Are personal electronic copies of works allowed for personal use?
  • What is a derivative of a work and how far is the copyright inherited?

The inclusion of a local collection of corpora (UHLCS) to the Finnish Language Bank will serve as a case study on the licensing problems encountered with existing materials (LT12).

The opportunities and risks of the inclusion of commercial services have to be studied

M7S-2.4 T24: Initial Version of Licensing Templates Distributed for Review

  • Find standard license(s) which grant less rights and impose more restrictions (intersection of existing licenses???)
  • Migrate old licenses into the new standard one(s)

These four milestones will comprise the final deliverable (D7S-2.1) although, the final version will be different from the milestones as they are of initial and intermediate nature.

Task 2 Results and Deliverables

D7S-2.1 A report including Model Licensing Templates and Authorization and Authentication Scheme (interim versions distributed around T12 and T24) T36

The deliverable will consist of the following documents:

  • AA scheme plan (only a milestone??? mv)

  • Investigation of current practices and models (TA1, p41):
    • Inventory of existing LR licenses
    • Inventory of existing LRT licenses

?HW? CSC models (current practices), Parole model

  • A study of business and accounting models (TA1)

?HW? FiLT for Finland, other LT documentation centres?

  • A model of a resource center (TA1) (what does this mean?)

  • Report of contacts to commercial services (TA1)

M7S-2.4 Initial versions of licensing templates distributed for review T24


Existing catalogue based services such as from ELRA/ELDA in Europe need to be integrated in the CLARIN infrastructure although their business model primarily focuses on industrial usage. A model needs to be worked out to integrate the future CLARIN infrastructure with the ELDA offerings and to understand the future role of ELDA in this emerging scenario. A report will document the results.

WG3: ELDA/ELRA relations

Defining the relation to existing initiatives such as in particular ELRA/ELDA and the inclusion of their offering. This WG would include representatives of relevant initiatives. (ELDA, Victoria Arranz?, WP5 contact...)

  • Become acquainted with the operations and principles of ELDA/ELRA (agreements, rules, and practices)
  • Define the relation between the external organisations and CLARIN
  • Find out what the external organisations are

  • ELDA, France, Khalid Choukri, choukri at elda.org
  • ELDA, France, Victoria Arranz, arranz at elda.org

Task 3 Results and Deliverables:

D7S-3.1 Collaboration Plan between CLARIN and external services T24

Trust relations

The technical requirements from WP2 will be studied and discussions with the existing and emerging national identity federations and grid projects will be started. Model agreements for all relevant actors within CLARIN dealing with authorization, authentication etc will be worked out that can be agreed upon at a European level that satisfy the requirements. This work can be built on the DAM-LR work and the agreements found at national level.

WG4: Trust relations

Providing a set of legal agreement templates to be used between the various actors in order to establish the necessary trust relations and to define the obligations and rights. This WG will include representatives from relevant actors and from some other WPs, especially from WP2. (Marjut Salokannel, UHEL, CSC, MPG, publishers, ...) This WG and task is related to HIGHER level agreements between organisations and countries etc.

  • Collect a group of relevant contact persons
  • Collect existing agreements between computing centers, collectors etc. (e.g., CSI, Kotus, type orgs.)
  • Make an inventory of existing practices of AA in universities and other organisations
  • Authentication by distance ... (Should these two be in AA scheme related tasks???)
  • Study techniques for remote AA from a judicial and contractual point of view; electric signatures etc.
  • Setup rules and model contracts which the computing centers, users, softwares providers, authors and publishers should obey

  • ELDA, France, Khalid Choukri, choukri at elda.org
  • ELDA, France, Victoria Arranz, arranz at elda.org

Task 4 Milestones:

M7S-4.1 Repository federations and initial set of Federation Agreements between CLARIN centres (available for WP2) T12

Task 4 Results and Deliverables:

D7S-4.1 Set of Federation Agreements for CLARIN centres T36

  • A study of WP2 technical requirements (TA1, p41)
  • A plan for discussions with existing NIFs (HAKA consortium) (TA1, p41)
  • A plan for GRID projects

-- MarttiVainio - 25 Mar 2008

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