CLARIN WP6: Nontechnical description

This work-package deals with dissemination activities in CLARIN. It will provide advice and support for researchers in the construction and operational phases of the project. It will interact with all other WPs in CLARIN for processing their news and distributing them largely, but also for answering researchers’ questions.

WP6 will be concerned with the following main activities:

  1. to co-ordinate the posting of information inside the consortium during the project’s life. This posting zone will be organized as a restricted area of a website where all information regarding the projects' evolution will be displayed, not only for storing purposes but also for shared collaborative work.
  2. to co-ordinate the large dissemination of information gathered by the project. This activity will be concerned, firstly, with organizing a public website area where formation acquired by the project and of interest to people outside the project’s consortium will be displayed. Secondly, a newsletter appearing electronically 4 times per year and other propaganda materials (brochures, leaflets, posters a.s.o.) will be designed, build and largely disseminated. The content of these dissemination materials will be collected through a network of correspondents attached to all other working packages of CLARIN or by people in the wider CLARIN network.
  3. to accomplish preparatory work for introducing infrastructure services able to promote appropriate linguistic digital technologies to researchers in the humanities and social sciences, to help them work more efficiently and to facilitate new types of research. This will take the form of a referral help-desk service able to point interested people to places (centers), projects, experts, documents, web-services or websites where answers to their questions can be found or from where modules can be taken and integrated into their applications. Based on SW applications and underlying ontologies, an expert and expertise registry, offering the facility for semantic browsing, will initially be drawn.

The CLARIN website where internal (as referred by a) and external information (as referred by b) will be displayed will take the form of a Wiki or KitWiki.

Item c should not be interpreted that CLARIN will take the responsibility to solve all questions signaled by people inside or outside the network, but that it will try to point interested people to places (centers), projects, people, documents or websites where answers to their questions can be found. It will keep track of all the queries so that they can be followed until completion, and if possible queries plus answers of more general interest will be collected in a FAQ. Moreover, based on the experience acquired, at the end of the preparatory phase, this task will make proposals for ways to set up help-desks, in the construction phase, able to fulfill user needs in a more automatic way, for instance, in terms of determining suitable representation formats, conversion methods, and methodologies for inferring knowledge and language processing components which, appropriately connected, compute solutions.

-- Dan Cristea, CLARIN WP6 coordinator

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