Clarin Working Groups

WP2 - Technical infrastructure

2.1 Requirements for LRT centres

2.2 Requirements for the LRT federation

2.3 LRT federation pilot

2.4 Specification of the registry infrastructure

WP3 - Humanities Overview

3.1 Scoping and Impact Study

The aim of this working group is to identify, mobilize and bring together a critical mass of producers and users around the infrastructure. The initial scoping study will identify actual and potential users of language tools and resources across the heterogeneous fields that constitute the humanities.
It will achieve this by the novel combination of well-established social science techniques, such as interviews with key stakeholders, and new cybermetric techniques that can 'crawl' the content of the web and the hyperlinking structures between web content to identify a networked perspective of current producers and users of languages resources.
The scoping study will be complemented by a subsequent impact study of the infrastructure.

3.2 Overview of relevant Humanities projects and professional associations

The aim of this working group is to make an in-depth survey of past and existing Humanities projects and establish contact with leading professional associations in the Humanities that are potential partners in employing language technology in their research. The overall aim is to have a clear understanding of the research concerns and methods of the Humanities field so that CLARIN could make a maximal impact on the field.

3.3 Call for Humanities Projects

This working group will have the task to compile a call for Humanities project that CLARIN will assist. It will work out evaluation and decision criteria that need to reflect national wishes, relevance of the proposed projects for testing the infrastructure, concepts and standards and the capability to demonstrate the potential of the infrastructure to other humanities disciplines.

WP5 - LRT Overview

5.1 Tools

5.2 Lexical Resources

5.3 Corpora

WP6 - Dissemination

6.1 Planning and Dissemination

6.2 Website and Newsletter

6.3 Referral Help Desk and Registry of Expertise

WP7 - IPR and Business Models

7.2a Framework for licensing and authorization

7.3 Relation to existing initiatives

7.4 Providing a set of legal agreement templates

WP8 - Construction and Exploitation Agreement

8.1 Governance and Management

Working group 8.1 will first make an inventory of known problems and known best (or current) practice solutions with respect to governance and management of international infrastructures, as well as a list of requirements that follow from the way we see the construction and exploitation of CLARIN, and it will make proposals for governance and management for CLARIN after the preparatory phase. The group will consist of a representative from each partner country, who is expected to provide national information.

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