BAULT Web Preferences

The following settings are web preferences of the BAULT web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWiki.TWikiPreferences and Main.TWikiPreferences, and can be overwritten by user preferences (your personal topic, eg: TWikiGuest in the Main web).

Web Preferences Settings

These settings override the defaults for this web only. See full list of defaults with explanation.

  • Web settings:
    • Set WEBTOPICLIST = Changes  |  Index  |  Search  |  Go
    • Set WEBBGCOLOR = #d0d0d0
    • Set SITEMAPWHAT = Research Community for Building and Use of Language Technology
    • Set SITEMAPUSETO = ...collaborate on various BAULT activities
    • Set SITEMAPLIST = on
  • #Set WEBHEADERART = logo_fin.gif
  • Set TWIKILAYOUTURL = /twiki/pub/Clarin/WebPreferences/layout-clarin.css
  • #Set TWIKISTYLEURL = /twiki/pub/Clarin/WebPreferences/style.css
  • #Set TWIKICOLORSURL = /twiki/pub/Clarin/WebPreferences/colors.css

  • Comma separated list of forms that can be attached to topics in this web. See TWikiForms for more information.

  • Users or groups who are not / are allowed to view / change / rename topics in the BAULT web: (See TWikiAccessControl). Remove the # to enable any of these settings. Remember that an empty setting is a valid setting; setting DENYWEBVIEW to nothing means that anyone can view the web.

  • Users or groups allowed to change or rename this WebPreferences topic: (e.g., TWikiAdminGroup)

  • Web preferences that are not allowed to be overridden by user or topic preferences:

Help on Preferences

  • A preference setting is defined by:
    3 or 6 spaces * Set NAME = value
  • A preferences setting can be disabled with a # sign. Remove the # sign to enable a local customisation. Example:
  • Preferences are used as TWikiVariables by enclosing the name in percent signs. Example:
    • When you write variable %WEBBGCOLOR% , it gets expanded to #d0d0d0
  • The sequential order of the preference settings is significant. Define preferences that use other preferences first, i.e. set WEBCOPYRIGHT before WIKIWEBMASTER since %WEBCOPYRIGHT% uses the %WIKIWEBMASTER% variable.
  • You can introduce your own preferences variables and use them in your topics and templates.

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