Advice for registering yourself as a user of KITWIKI

Because this is a semi-open wiki, there are some additional steps you have to take if you are coming from an address not yet in our database.

  1. Send an email to Kimmo Koskenniemi ( from the mail address you want to use for registration. You should use the address if possible. This is important to get you added to the BAULT group!
  2. Wait for confirmation.
  3. Go to the registration form.
  4. Fill in the form considering the following instructions:
    • I have read the User's Agreement and () I do not agree with it ( ) I agree with it: [You must read the agreement and select the "agree" button.]
    • First Name: [Avoid non-ascii characters: letters a to z, and also , are OK.]
    • Last Name: [The same restriction, but even "van der Graaf" is OK.]
    • TWiki.WikiName: [Do no alter what the form automatically inserts here but check that it is not truncated, see the above restrictions.]
    • TWiki.LoginName: [The same advice as for the WikiName field above.]
    • Email address: [Insert the official university or institutional email address, e.g. "" it must be an operational email address; see Step 1 especially if you only have a or address.]
    • Obfuscated email address: [Something that will suffice for your colleagues but not for a robot; it can often be firstname.lastname at or john dot brown t university dot fi.]
    • Your personal home page: [If you have one. If you don't have, put the address of the page of your department.]
    • Organization name: [Your university/organization.]
    • Organization URL: [The address of the homepage of your organization.]
    • Country: [select]
    • How I heard about this or the reason why I would like to join this community: [It is sufficient to insert just e.g. "BAULT member".]
  5. Click the Submit button. Soon you will receive email to the address you gave in the form.
  6. Follow carefully the instructions on the email you get soon after submitting the form. Click (or otherwise enter) the URL given in the mail. You will get a second email message indicating your initial password. You may use the registration form to change the password to something you remember but what is still safe enough. For your convenience, you may let your browser remember the password, if the workstation is in your personal use and in a safe place.
-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 2013-04-03
Topic revision: r3 - 2013-08-11 - KimmoKoskenniemi
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