BAULT: Calendar


  • 9 Jan 2013: First meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 9 Apr 2013: Second meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 25-27 May 2013: Third meeting of the BAULT Board (as a virtual meeting).
  • 28 May 2013: First BAULT seminar. (Organized by Roman Yangarber.)
  • 7 June 2013: Vladimir Plungian, Ekaterina Rakhilina: Work on the new corpus oriented Russian Academic grammar (starting at 15 hours).
  • 29 May 2013: Fourth meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 12 Aug 2013: Fifth meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 19-23 Aug 2013: Visit of Max Silberztein including a lecture for a wider public on Monday 19th August, at 14-16 in lecture room 12 in Metsätalo, 3rd floor, and a hands on seminar on Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd at 10-12 and 14-16 in the computer room 25 (Metsätalo 5th floor) or as agreed during the seminar. (Organized by Kimmo Koskenniemi.)
  • 2 Sep 2013: Sixth meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 24 Sep Sep 2013: Seventh meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 11 Oct 2013: Eighth meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 15 Nov 2013: From correspondence to corpora - a full day seminar sponsored by BAULT. Invited speakers are Pia Forssell (SLS), Nina Martola (KOTUS), Marijke van der Wal (Leiden University), Alison Wiggins (University of Glasgow). (Organized by Jan Lindström and Terttu Nevalainen.)
  • 18 Nov - 19 Dec 2013: Visit of dr Christer Samuelsson including an intensive course for students of language technology, and a public lecture in Unioninkatu 38, Topelia room A132. on 3 Dec at 14:15 - 15:00. (Organized by Atro Voutilainen.)
  • 1-10 Jan 2014: 9th meeting of the BAULT Board (via email)
  • 28 Jan 2014: 10th meeting of the BAULT Board
  • 5 May 2014: Michael Ashby's guest lecture "Henry Sweet and Finnish phonetics". (Organized by Terttu Nevalainen.)
  • 6 May 2014: BAULT seminar "Visualizing speech and teaching phonetics: from the IPA to Big Data"
  • 9 May 2014: BAULT seminar where Kirill Reshetnikov from Russian Academy of Sciences ("Regional and minority languages of Russia on the Internet") (Organized by Roman Yangarber.)
  • 18 May 2014: 11th meeting of the BAULT Board.
  • 2 Jun 2014: Lectures by two visiting scholars from Japan Xiaoyun Wang ("Phoneme Set Design for Speech Recognition of English by Japanese") and Seiichi Yamamoto ("Multimodal Corpus of Multiparty Conversations in L1 and L2 and Findings Obtained from it"). (Organized by Kristiina Jokinen.)
  • 5 Jun 2014: BAULT seminar where projects working with Uralic language technologies and materials present themselves. (Organized by Jack Rueter.)
  • 1-2 Sep 2014: An international BAULT Seminar on Processing of Historical texts discussing the computational methods used and needed for processing old texts and the properties of such texts.
  • 20 Oct 2014: 12th meeting of the BAULT Board. (Organized by Kimmo Koskenniemi.)
  • 17 Nov 2014: A seminar where two visitors from Japan, Nakano (Seikei, Tokyo) ja Prof. Nishida (Kyoto) present their work. (Organized by Kristiina Jokinen)
  • 21 Nov 2014: BAULT seminar on the language technology for Uralic languages. (Organized by Jack Rueter.)
  • 20 Mar 2015: BAULT seminar on Proto Indo-European Lexicon project. (Organized by Roman Yangarber and Kimmo Koskenniemi)
  • 3 Jun 2015: BAULT seminar on Machine translation, in the afternoon. Prof. Aarne Ranta from Chalmers, Gothenburg, “Machine Translation: Green, Yellow, and Red” and prof. emer. Arvi Hurskainen (about machine translation between Swahili and English).
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