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keyword-in-context tools, a set of tools for producing concordances from a text


kw-alg Produces a line concordance of one given word (or an initial part of a word) from a sentence corpus.

kw-align-hits Formats lines containing sentences which have been selected by `egrep' using a pattern given as the parameter number 1. Produces a line concordance where there is a context fitting to a single line. Occurrences are aligned so that they start on a fixed column. This is intended to be used in scripts where the input for this one comes from `egrep'.

Version and Copyright Information

version: kmk 11.1.1991



kw-align-hits '\<possibilit(y|ies)\>' 

kw-alg '\<possibilit(y|ies)\>' /corp/eng/lob/lob-wrd.snt

Help, Manuals and Documentation

help commands:

further information:


License Text

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Other Information

Field of science: Linguistics


License: LicenseTypeU

To be copied to: https://wwwk.csc.fi/english/research/software/kwic-tools
To be seen at: http://www.csc.fi/english/research/software/kwic-tools
See also: KitWiki.SuomenKielipankki:Dev:Linguistics_Software, Old.ToolResources
The users may add their own comments to: ToolResource_kwic-tools_Comments

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