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Technical and Steering group meeting

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Meeting minutes DRAFT

    • The project schedule has not changed from the previous meeting: Latest project schedule
    • Human resources
      • Stephen Avae II and Jussi Siuro are now participating in the project (Authorization part).
  • For the end report of the project, the UHEL members would like to see the project specifications, including the programs and technologies used. The end report could serve as a model for other CLARIN partners.
  • Next step: CSC will send the UHEL members the test address with instructions in the beginning of August.
  • Next meeting: Combined Technical and Steering group meeting on Thursday 26th of August at 1 pm at the University of Helsinki.(suggestion)
    • If possible, the UHEL members will send the test report to CSC before the meeting, and hopefully CSC can give response before the meeting.
    • The goal is to show the demo in the next CLARIN meeting in mid-October. The CLARIN prototype access is an important factor for future EU negotiations on CLARIN.
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