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Linguistics / Software (only in English) (under construction)

Linguistic Software

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Official list of software items

This list will be shown at www.csc.fi very soon. Currently, the list contains links to a development server wwwk.csc.fi, which is not open for public.

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csc tools CSC tools for XML and the Language Bank database A
dev tools Software development tools P
dma Digitaalinen muoto-opin arkisto A
emacs GNU project Emacs P
en-mpt CONNEXOR Machinese English Phrase Tagger A
engcg LINGSOFT Constraint grammar parser of English A
fbc Finnish Broadcast Corpus A
fi-fdg CONNEXOR Finnish Dependency Parser A
fintwol LINGSOFT Two-level morphology of Finnish A
fsmlibrary AT&T FSM LibraryTM ? Finite-State Machine Library A
fstc Finnish-Swedish Textcollection A
ftc Finnish Text Collection A
grmlibrary AT&T GRM Library ? Grammar Library A
hcs The Helsinki Corpus of Swahili A
kra Jyväskylä Corpus of Middle-French A
ksfpc KOTUS Swedish-Finnish Parallel Corpus P
kwic tools Keyword-in-Context utilities A
lemmieshell Text-based tool for studying the texts. A
lextools AT&T Lextools: a toolkit for finite-state linguistic analysis A
ota A collection of Oxford Text Archive texts P
oulu Oulu corpus A
parole-de PAROLE corpus of the German language A
parole-fi PAROLE corpus of the Finnish language A
parole-sv PAROLE corpus of the Swedish language A
pc-parse SIL PC-PARSE tools A
puh-editori Annotation editor for handling and creating speech corpora P
salama IAAS the Swahili Language Manager A
sfnet SFNET discussion group corpus A
shell tools GNU Shell Tools P
susanne The SUSANNE corpus of English P
sv-fdg CONNEXOR Swedish dependency parser A
swecg LINGSOFT Parser for Swedish text A
text filters GNU text filters P
textmorfo KIELIKONE Shallow parser for Finnish syntax A
unix file tools GNU file management tools A
wordnet Lexical database of English P
www-lemmie Corpus query tool Lemmie in Scientist s Interface A
xfst XEROX Finite State Tools A
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