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Steering group meeting

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    • The goal for the meeting is to approve the Requirements Documentation.
    • Project manager will send a meeting request
  • AOB
    • Next technical meetings:
      • Tu 16.6 - We 17.6.with Ville attending?
      • Mon 13.7 - We 15.7.?
      • August after Mon 17.8.?
    • Next technical meeting:
      • Tuesday June 16 at 13 with Ville attending
    • Meeting with CLARIN Daan Broeder and Dieter van Uytvanck etc. in autumn when they come to Finland to the Neeri09 meeting (suggestion)
      • Background: Mikael Linden met Daan and Dieter at Terena TF-EMC2 meeting in Loughborough in May 2009. Neeri (Networking Event for European Research Infrastructures) will be arranged October 1–2, 2009 + Standards Workshop on September 30, 2009 in Helsinki Finland (http://www.csc.fi/english/pages/neeri09)
      • Mikael will continue discussions with Daan on WP7 issues (EDUGain, knowledge change) when they come to the Neeri meeting. Satu and Sean can follow the meeting for interest.
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