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FORM FIELD AbbrName AbbrName Timbuk
FORM FIELD FullName FullName Timbuk: A Tree Automata Library
|*FORM FIELD ItemDesc*|ItemDesc|Timbuk is a collection of tools for achieving proofs of reachability over Term Rewriting Systems (TRS for short) and for manipulating Tree Automata. The tree automata we use here are bottom-up non-deterministic finite tree automata (NFTA for short).

The Timbuk library provides three standalone tools and a bunch of Objective Caml [12] functions for basic manipulation on Tree Automata, alphabets, terms, Term Rewriting Sys- tems, etc. |

FORM FIELD ContainsParts ContainsParts
FORM FIELD HomePage HomePage www.irisa.fr/lande/genet/timbuk
FORM FIELD Type Type FsmCompiler
FORM FIELD ImplLanguage ImplLanguage
|*FORM FIELD Author*|Author|Thomas Genet and Val´erie Viet Triem Tong |
FORM FIELD Copyright Copyright
FORM FIELD License License
FORM FIELD References References
FORM FIELD Availability Availability
FORM FIELD ProviderName ProviderName
FORM FIELD RelatedWork RelatedWork
FORM FIELD Evaluation Evaluation
FORM FIELD LatestVersion LatestVersion Version 2.0
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