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FORM FIELD AbbrName AbbrName NooJ
FORM FIELD FullName FullName NooJ
FORM FIELD ItemDesc ItemDesc NooJ is a linguistic development environment that includes large-coverage dictionaries and grammars, and parses corpora in real time.
FORM FIELD ContainsParts ContainsParts
FORM FIELD HomePage HomePage http://www.nooj4nlp.net/
FORM FIELD Type Type FsmCompiler
|*FORM FIELD ImplLanguage*|ImplLanguage|.NET binary versions only. Check out the Open Source projects: MONO (www.mono-project.com) and DOTGNU (www.dotgnu.org) that allow NooJ to run on LINUX, UNIX and Mac OSX.|
FORM FIELD Author Author
FORM FIELD Copyright Copyright
FORM FIELD License License
FORM FIELD References References

NooJ includes tools to create and maintain large-coverage lexical resources, as well as morphological and syntactic grammars. Dictionaries and grammars are applied to texts in order to locate morphological, lexical and syntactic patterns and tag simple and compound words.

NooJ can build complex concordances, with respect to all types of Finite State and Context-Free patterns.

NooJ users can easily develop extractors to identify semantic units in large texts, such as names of persons, locations, dates, technical expressions of finance, etc.|

FORM FIELD Availability Availability Freely downloadable binaries. EULA / License was not obvious.
FORM FIELD ProviderName ProviderName
FORM FIELD RelatedWork RelatedWork
FORM FIELD Evaluation Evaluation
FORM FIELD LatestVersion LatestVersion
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