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HFST: Developer Pages


HfstProgrammingPractices HFST Coding style and best common practices
HfstPreReleaseTesting HFST: Testing Pre-Release Versions–instructions for early adopters
HfstTerminology HFST: Terminology
HfstFileExtensions HFST: File Extension Guidelines

Operators and symbols

HfstTwolcRuleCompilationNotes HFST: Notes on the compilation of two-level rules
HfstOtherSymbol HFST: Interpretations and Requirements for the other Symbols
HfstOtherSymbolExamples HFST: Examples of how other-symbols should be handled in transducer operations.
HfstOtherAsSimpleSymbols HFST: Identity-Other and Nonidentity-Other interpreted as simple symbols
HfstOtherAsSimpleSymbol HFST: Other interpreted as a simple symbol
HfstOtherSymbolsInUse HFST: "Other" symbols in use
HfstOtherDefinition HFST: Definition of other and its relation to any
HfstOtherSymbolPairCalculus HFST: Use of other and Similar Metasymbols in Symbol (Pair) Calculus
HfstAPIExtendedGRLayerOLD HFST: API support for Extended Generalized Restriction
HfstAPIGeneralizedRestrictionLayer2OLD HFST: Functions Supporting Substring Variables
HfstAPIGeneralizedRestrictionLayerOLD HFST: API for Generalized Restriction (GR) and Predicate Logic in FST Calculus

Old pages

HfstBugzilla: HFST: Bugs
HfstProtectionOLD HFST: Patents to be avoided
HfstDocumentationGuide HFST: Documentation Guide
HfstClosurePropertiesSurvey HFST: Audit of the API Contracts and Their Relationship with Closure Properties
HfstDevelopmentAPIDocumentation HFST: API Development Outline
HfstAPIProposalOLD HFST: API Proposal
HfstBeth HFST: Design (and Implementation) of the Tape Symbol Storage for Advanced FST Compilers
HfstOMorMeeting Omorfi-leksikon ja hfst runtime-rajapinnan tekijöiden kokouksia.
HfstTransducerTestCaseFile HFST: Test Cases for Runtime Transducer
HfstOpenAutomataHome HFST: OpenAutomata: Home
HfstParallelProcessing HFST: Relevance of Parallel Processing to Finite State Methods


HfstPerformanceTestingNotes HFST: Performance Testing
HfstMiscellaneousObservations HFST: Miscellaneous observations
HfstToolsTesting HFST: Testing the functionality of HFST tools
HfstTransducerProperties HFST: Transducer Properties
HfstCrossCompiling HFST: Cross compiling for 32-bit with hfst computer
HfstWebpageVersionControl HFST: Webpage Version Control

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