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META TOPICPARENT name="FinnFrameNetHome"


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transferors Transfer
transport_means Sending
travel_means Travel
traveller Board_vehicle, Disembarking, Travel
traveler Board_vehicle, Disembarking, Travel
treatment Cure
trigger Communication_response, Health_response, Meet_with_response, Response
type Accoutrements, Active_substance, Actually_occurring_entity, Ammunition, Appellations, Arrest, Artificiality, Behind_the_scenes, Being_employed, Being_named, Body_decoration, Body_mark, Building_subparts, Buildings, Clothing, Connectors, Containers, Entity, Food, Identicality, Instance, Intoxicants, Law, Leadership, Medical_specialties, Natural_features, People_by_vocation, Performers_and_roles, Relational_quantity, Rite, Social_connection, Sole_instance, Weapon
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