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Final Meeting: Development Project of AAI for Finnish Language Resources

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      • Each referee plays an essential role, thus helping the content provider. It's very important the referee recommends the application be accepted or rejected. If the referee doesn't react, the applicant keeps waiting.
    • Future plans:
      • In Spring 2011, Tero and Hanna plan to go through the current list of content providers, and possibly ask them to suggest new referees. It is important to the content providers that they approve the referees and can trust that the referees are active.
      • FIN-CLARIN will take a more active role and inform the referees and content providers about their role.
      • It has been planned that in the future, CSC will concentrate on the technical services on the infrastructure whereas the academic FIN-CLARIN project concentrates more on the content providing, coordinating the content providers and providing support and training for the users.
      • Resource page development: metadata, unique names, pids, summaries etc.

Minutes of the Steering group meeting (at 2:45 pm)

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