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META TOPICPARENT name="FinClarinSiteKotus"
META TOPICPARENT name="FinCLARIN.FinClarinSiteKotus"

Swedish-Finnish Parallel Text Corpus (CSC, Language Bank)

  • period: 21th century

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META TOPICPARENT name="FinClarinSiteKotus"

Swedish-Finnish Parallel Text Corpus (CSC, Language Bank)

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META FORM name="FinClarinCorpusResourceForm"
FORM FIELD Resource Name ResourceName Swedish-Finnish Parallel Text Corpus (CSC, Language Bank)
FORM FIELD Resource Type ResourceType Written Corpus
FORM FIELD Languages Languages Finnish, Swedish
FORM FIELD Languages (other) Languagesother
FORM FIELD Description Description period: 21th century
FORM FIELD Country Country
FORM FIELD Institute Institute Research Institute for the Languages of Finland
FORM FIELD Contact Person ContactPerson Nina Martola, firstname.lastname[a]focis.fi
FORM FIELD Begin year of resource creation Beginyearofresourcecreation
FORM FIELD Finalization year Finalizationyear
FORM FIELD Format Format
FORM FIELD Metadata Link MetadataLink
FORM FIELD Publications Publications
FORM FIELD Reference Link ReferenceLink
FORM FIELD Collection Working Languages CollectionWorkingLanguages
FORM FIELD Collection Long term preservation by CollectionLongtermpreservationby
FORM FIELD Collection Location CollectionLocation
FORM FIELD Collection Content Type CollectionContentType
FORM FIELD Collection Format Detailed CollectionFormatDetailed
FORM FIELD Collection Quality CollectionQuality
FORM FIELD Collection Applications CollectionApplications
FORM FIELD Collection Project CollectionProject
FORM FIELD Collection Size CollectionSize about 4 million word tokens in total
FORM FIELD Collection Distribution Form CollectionDistributionForm
FORM FIELD Collection Access CollectionAccess requires user authorisation, access via Language Bank (CSC)
FORM FIELD Collection Source CollectionSource
FORM FIELD IPR Ethical Reference IPREthicalReference
FORM FIELD IPR Legal Reference IPRLegalReference
FORM FIELD IPR License Type IPRLicenseType
FORM FIELD IPR Description IPRDescription
FORM FIELD IPR Contact Person IPRContactPerson
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