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White paper

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  Haka is the identity federation of the Finnish universities, polytechnics and research institutions. HAKA uses SAML2/Shibboleth technolgy. The federation consists of the users' home organizations providing the user identities according to common rules and contracts. The Haka federation is operated by CSC, the Finnish IT center for science. Haka has over 20 home organizations and about 50 services. A similar Higher Education federation in the USA is InCommon, which has an annual fee of $1000. Although the software encourages the federation model, bilateral agreements are, of course, possible.
The list of the federations and their status.
 Kalmar Union is a SAML2 project that will connect the Nordic countries' academic communities to establish a Nordic cross-federation. Haka will most probably join the Kalmar Union in spring 2009 when the it is scheduled to be in operation.

CSC could easily integrate the Haka authentication in the electronic application form, where the application form would serve as a Service Provider.

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