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Welcome to the experimental FiLT web

This is intended to become a full reimplementation of the web site of the Finnish Documentation Centre of Language Technology (FiLT). The pages are still under construction and you should not pay attention to their current data contents which may still include random data and omit large portions of material. We will announce when the contents is considered to be consistent enough for external inspection, updating and comments - and we expect that this happens still in August 2006.


FiLTWiki index page


WebDeveloperHomeEn: is a page for the developers of FILT.

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 09 Aug 2006


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Welcome to FiLT

This site is being developed by and maintained by the Department of General Linguistics in the University of Helsinki. The Nordic language technology documentation project is financed partly by the Nordic Language Technology Research Program administered by NordForsk.

We cooperate via NorDokNet with similar sites in

What is language technology?

Language technology is a multidisciplinary field, which studies technical means and methods that can be used to process natural language with computers.

Some well-known applications of language technology are for example automatic authoring tools (such as spell checking) and speech recognition. Language technology also has many other application areas, which are introduced in the Technologies section and in Language Technology World.

Publications and Electronic Archives

Standards and Abbreviations

Other Information Sources

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